The Mansions at Acqualina is a development project that takes oceanfront luxury living to a whole new level by bring all of the finest elements of Acqualina and raising the bar even higher to provide people with a total of 79 extraordinary villa residences which are set within a 47-story architectural work of art that will be situated within the captivating paradise beach setting of Sunny Isles Beach in South Florida. It is one of the most anticipated luxury development projects of all time!
Acqualina is one of the most amazing names in oceanfront luxury living today as it provides people with the most illustrious residences which are found within the fabulous paradise beach city of Sunny Isles. Sitting on a site of 4.5 acres, Acqualina offers lavish residences which enable people to become fully immersed in the superior beauty of the Atlantic Ocean so that they can have the most leisurely experience that is made even better with world-class amenities, services, and so much more!
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